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Jo explains the meaning behind FingerHalo’s debut single, One For The Angels

In a dystopian, alternate recent history, two trade union activists are arranging a last-ditch industrial action over the telephone. It’s likely to be the last ever such action for the foreseeable future – because the government are on the verge of outlawing the union movement in an attempt to curtail free speech and human rights.

There’s a slight possibility that the legislation could be overturned by political dissent in Westminster, or even by public outrage. But it’s an improbable long shot:

 Some southern change can only take you by surprise / Turning the tables

The activists know their move is an almost futile gesture – a defiant ‘going down with guns blazing’ affair; a final act of protestation; a last vainglorious stand, an almost sacrificial act of martyrdom. In fact:

    One For The Angels

Union activities are already considered acts of sedition, to be responded to with heavy-handed and ruthless behaviour from the government. The forces of national security are on high alert, bugging phone lines, intercepting mails etc:

    Maybe the line isn’t safe to use

The mainstream media is becoming an organ for the government’s propaganda. A single viewpoint is expressed in print, online and on air to an apathetic, dumbed-down society, more concerned with petty problems and desires than the bigger picture. They’ve believed the government’s election rhetoric despite a chain of unkept vows:

    The promises were lies

Too few remain inquiring and cynical enough to:

    Read between the lines

The activists have realised, late in the day, that their message has gone over the heads or under the radar of the general populace – even those who hold on to more democratic and socially enlightened views:

    We could have made the answers easier to find

But there still remains hope, no matter how slender.

Incidentally, the title comes from an old Twilight Zone episode, where a sidewalk salesman, whose time is nearly up, talks Mr Death into letting him make one last ‘pitch for the angels.’

, FingerHalo’s debut single, will be released in June.

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