One For The Angels video


FingerHalo have released a video for their track One For The Angels, which was written by Jo long before he formed the band.

He recently explained the song, saying: “In a dystopian, alternate recent history, two trade union activists are arranging a last-ditch industrial action over the telephone.

“It’s likely to be the last ever such action for the foreseeable future – because the government are on the verge of outlawing the union movement in an attempt to curtail free speech and human rights.

“There’s a slight possibility that the legislation could be overturned by political dissent in Westminster, or even by public outrage. But it’s an improbable long shot.”

The video is based on footage from the 1984 miners’ strike with Margaret Thatcher cast in the role of the Great Leader of The Corporation. It’s an alternative dystopian story from Jo’s original concept, created by drummer Martin Kielty, but it retains all the main elements – and it’s equally thought-provoking.


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