So there one is, reclining upon one’s sofa, surrounded by only one’s closest and best-love Daleks, watching the Scottish League Cup Final… when 40,000 Aberdeen supporters only go and start singing one’s song. I say!

It was a heart-in-mouth moment when the game went to penalties. Then when Aberdeen won, their current theme tune rang out – a version of my Human League track Don’t You Want Me, only featuring the name “Peter Pawlett” instead of “Don’t you want me.”

It’s particularly touching since said player, Mr Pawlett, was unable to take part in the game due to injury. Very nice to see the Aberdeen family making sure he felt involved.

Since then the Dons have been active, nay, overactive, in promoting one of the songs I’m most proud of having written. It’s made the top ten in the iTunes chart – its first UK placing since the 1980s, I think – and it’s on course to do well in what we like to call the ‘real’ chart at the end of the week.

Job’s a good’un!

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