Dons keepin’ on


As the weekend approaches and Aberdeen fans prepare for the League Cup to be paraded through their fine city, the race is on to see if Don’t You Want Me will make into the top ten for the first time since nineteen-oatcake.

I don’t think I’ve done so many interviews in the one day since, well, nineteen-oatcake. Tonight I was taken by surprise by the BBC, who asked me to bring a guitar as a prop – then asked me to play a bit of a synth-based track on my guitar. Still, it was a nice way to baptise my new blue machine, which I only got the other week.

Everything went quite well – until the Beeb realised I’d pronounced Peter Pawlett’s name the way we would back in t’old town. So I had to go all the way back for another 20-second shoot.

Rock’n’roll, I tell thee…

You can see me on BBC Reporting Scotland here, around the 20min45sec mark – but the clip’s not there for long.


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