The lyric video for FingerHalo‘s debut track Confusion has been unveiled by Classic Pop Magazine. View it below.

And here’s a little bit of the background to the song…

I’m on a suburban railway service to Leeds City Railway Station, on my way to a songwriting session. It’s a warm day and the train is pretty crowded – the car is getting hot and sticky, passengers increasingly anxious to vacate its claustrophobic confines as soon as possible. I’m no exception. I can’t get off soon enough.

The train agonisingly crawls  the final few hundred yards to the spacious  platform ahead. My desire to leave is now  overwhelming. But I can’t just yet, and neither can the other passengers. Just a few more tedious yards, but we must all suffer a little longer. I feel trapped.

A lyric comes into my head. It’s a start to something, and it fits with a guitar riff  I’d recently been toying with. It puts me in mind of the circus, or part of a soundtrack to a fairground waltzer ride for some reason. Now and then little ideas sometimes marry up and threaten to lead somewhere.

At last the train grinds to a halt aside the platform. The doors eventually open and the sticky, sweaty , frustrated passengers pour out. Once the rush has subsided I get up, collected my bag from the overhead rack… and step out onto the wide expanse of Leeds Station. I stand for a moment, savouring the light cooling breeze, and the space now around me. Thank f**k for the finish of that!

But this episode had at least given me an acorn, to add to another acorn to hopefully result in something or other. In this case Confusion. Suffer fer yer art? By ‘eck, ah’ll tell thee. Maybe the resultant tune should have been called Frustration?

Trapped in a situation with circus music.


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